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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can I get a WTF?

As the close of yet another year draws near, I always find myself wondering about my past, present, and future. About a year and a half ago, I started seeing my then best friend of 8 years when he moved back to Texas from Chicago. I was apprehensive and as things got more serious I drew back. I was scared and did not want to get married or have kids. I knew he was a good man in a lot of ways but I just couldn't do it. We parted ways in a not so nice way and ever since I feel like I took a misstep. He was such a good friend to me. I missed his company and his laugh.

I took the plunge and decided to email him. He sent a reply tonight. He married another girl about 6 months ago. He said we don't have anything in common anymore and haven't since we split. He wished me well and I suppose that's all I could ask for after all the drama and nonsense we went thru in the end.

I just sat looking at the screen thinking to myself why couldn't I force myself to be that girl. Couldn't I have convinced myself somehow? I mean here I am single AGAIN and everyone (ok not everyone but this guy) is moving on.....WTF?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nerd alert

I picked up my new glasses yesterday from the optician. I had tried them on and thought they were cute....then. I tried them on yesterday and realized I looked like a big NERD. I need a book and some high waisted pants with a cardigan. Too late now. Just try to not to stick a note on my back saying loser.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Imagine my surprise

when I got in my car to go run errands and it wobbled awkwardly down the street. I got out and had a flat tire. Anyone who knows me can tell you I know absolutely NOTHING about cars except where to put the key and pump the gas. I called roadside assistance and then drove to get the replacement tire.

I stood in the shop as the man assessed my tires ready to bolt. "Ma'am....I got some bad news for you." Shit. "You need 4 new tires not just 1."

I placed a call to good ol dad who, indeed, confirmed I needed them along with an alignment and some sort of balancing? I picked the same tires I had and the man turned the screen around to show me the total.

"$302.13?! Are you kidding me....for some damn rubber and an inner tube?"

He looked down at my arm, pointed to my moderately expensive purse and said, "That's what I said when my wife brought home one of those."


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A big step

I love to spend money. There is no doubt about it. I always pay my bills but spending money on things I like makes me happy. Yesterday, I decided to go spend some cash. I went to all my favorite haunts and yet nothing really appealed to me. I actually left without making a purchase. No money spent. I had this odd realization about that spending....there are more important things I want to do with my money besides come home with some hot pair of shoes or great looking purse.

I know, I know.... a monumental step in my life. Next I'll start wanting to make sensible purchases and saving more for retirement.