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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fresh meat

It's been awhile since I've found someone worthy of flirting openly with. Job stress has been high, blah, blah, blah.....but this one I could not help. May I offer up the deliciously handsome Fed Ex man who delivers my company correspondence 2-3 times weekly. Oh so tall and muscular with a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. Quite the catch.

Today he tells my assistant he can't remember his name, and I turned and said "See what a bad Fed Ex man you are. How many times do you deliver here and you still don't remember us? Bad Fed Ex man!" He simply turned and replied without hesitation, "MIRANDA...I remember your name now what about mine?"
"I think it's Jeff....or hot fed ex man. Which did you prefer?" I shot back.


" I could live with the hot fed ex man. But YOU can call me Jeff." Flash of the big pearly whites.

Melting, melting, melting.

I will die if this one is married. Just die.

Puppy love

I walked in the door today after running errands and encountered something wonderful. At the foot of the bed was my sweet puppy, Baxter, all curled up on his pet bed. Upon my arrival he opened his eyes and immediately jumped and howled with delight at my very presence. He was ecstatic to see me and carried on for a good while. What a difference feeling loved and so wanted can make a person.

Almost makes me forget he destroyed the bathroom and a set of towels in my absence.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Spiritually in tune today

I've had a lot of life decisions in front of me lately. Things I have battled with forever but have recently become issues I feel are necessary to resolve now...not later. I think time has brought me to a place of acceptance with a higher power. My days of running around in circles and avoiding God and all need to be over because at some point even God probably gets frustrated with stupidity. It's time I really research my own spirituality and where I belong. It is a daunting task....but somehow I have found peace about it. I mean what's the worse that could happen, right?

So, I am working on finding a spiritual outlet...a church, I suppose. I am looking at the Bible and thinking it might be resourceful to read rather than support the uneven coffee table.

Does everyone go thru this in their 20s?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Friday, August 11, 2006

so unsexy

I am sitting in my supa stretchy pj pants, a t shirt and a ponytail watching Oprah. No makeup, puppy in lap and hair that could rival the bride of Frankenstein. Doesn't get much sexier than this today fellas.


When you're a kid all you want in the world is to make your own choices. If you want to have ice cream for breakfast you should be able to. But when you're an adult it seems like it's all you can do to get away from making them. Who should you date, where should you work....it all bleeds together. I've got the cookies for breakfast and staying in my PJs all day down....now could someone please get the work related stuff done for me?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Salon etiquette

There is an unspoken rule that when you visit the salon there is no serious talk. We do not talk about work or religion or politics. We sit with our feet elevated and chit chat about lipstick and boys and basically all the BS stuff men swear we talk about but deny emphatically.

Should you decide you are man enough to venture into our mecca, please be advised to shut your trap about these things. I really just want to close my eyes and daydream while my toes are painted and not worry about the state of Israel, the Iraqi situation, and the ever rising price of gasoline that is starting to inhibit my ability to escape from the world as it is. You are ruining my ME time! In an effort to not be rude, I will close my eyes and pray to God you think I am asleep.

Effort still counts right?

I am trying to smile damn it. It has rained on me (literally)and I have only slept 4 hours. My new pup--Baxter, insists on biting everything and I have just forked over $500 for insurance. My patience is thin and I am so stressed I have broken into hives for the 2nd time this week. That's right, 2nd time. May God give me the strength to be thankful I was able to get out of bed although I wish I had just stayed under the covers!