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Sunday, January 27, 2008

What was I thinking when

I decided to do lunges after jogging a mile this morning? Clearly, I was insane. Now, in addition to not feeling my calves I can't freakin feel my thighs either. Somewhere between a vision of slender toned thighs I let my imagination take over and forgot my chubby untoned thighs would burn a helluva lot later on tonight upon completion of such torture. Note to self: lunges burn, burn, burn! Avoid at all costs.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


At long last. My freakin Ipod is functional! Sweet Jesus....I heart ipod:)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Falling into place

For the first time in my life things are in order. I am doing well at work. I have always had amazing friends, but none quite as incredible I am sure. I am dating again but with a more carefree manner. I am working out more consistently and going to school. I am paying off my bills and saving money.

I think I'm growing up and it doesn't scare me quite as much any more. WOW.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Something I am grateful for

Okay....so the new year was sort of a bust due to the fact I was in an allergy and flu induced drug fog. I have been miserably sick for about a week. At some point I wound up on the floor of my bathroom exhausted from up chucking nothing but water since my stomach was devoid of all food for about 2 days. I laid there and my dog, of all things living, sat on the bathroom floor and licked my cheek when my eyes opened and just sat there all night long. I don't even know people that want to do that for someone, but my sweet dog knew I was sick and sat with me all week while I hacked up my lungs, blew my brain out of my nose, and went into delirium from fever. Man it sucked.

All things said, this morning when I could once again breathe normally, I decided to be grateful for a few things as listed below.

  1. My sweet dog. He didn't bring me chicken soup or anything but he was there to lick my hand at my lowest point this week.
  2. Drugs...I could not manage illness without it.
  3. My mind....when in pain and drugs cannot block it out your mind really can help you
  4. Perfect health 99.7% of my life. Man it really sucks to be sick and not function at full capacity of anything accept up chucking.