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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I said yes

We went on vacation to Texas in March and my world has been upside down ever since. I visited family and relaxed. It was great. The last night before we were supposed to leave back home, my boyfriend asked me to wait for him after he and my brothers got back from a basketball game. I was tired and didn't want to, but he begged me, saying he had something important to tell me that couldn't wait until the morning. I said fine. At a quarter to midnight, he said he wanted to go for a walk. All that sitting at the game had made him stiff and he needed a stretch. I obliged and we went for a walk around the neighborhood where I spent my entire childhood. I relayed stories to him about my family, our neighbors, and the town. The conversation was easy and we were on our way back to my dad's house laughing and talking.

We rounded the corner and walked up to the winding sidewalk that leads to my childhood home. There, in my front yard under an amazing clear Texas sky sprinkled with millions of stars, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. All week he had spent time talking to my dad and brothers telling them his plan, asking for their blessing, each one in their turn giving it. I managed a yes between tears and pure delight. There was no fear like in times past. There wasn't an inkling to run or hide or do anything but hold on to him.

So, long story short...I got engaged! Take a look at his handy work!


Blogger Kas said...



Many blessings on you and yours!!!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Critica said...

Holy crap! This is awesome! Best wishes to both of you! :)

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Richard said...

Is that it then? Gets engaged and bye-bye blog?

11:23 AM  
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