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Sunday, October 10, 2010


My first PR!!! I finally did it....I ran a 5K. Granted some people might have walked it faster but I don't care. I ran it at my own pace and crossed the finish line with the lawyer cheering me on. It rocked. The sun was shining and the wind blew gently as I neared the finish line. I fought back tears as Sheryl Crow crooned "Sweet Child Of Mine" and thought...I never fathomed I could run a race and I just did it.
Me and the boy after the race this morning

The week was pretty stellar as these things go. I had an amazing work event on Thursday and felt recommitted to my job as all my hardwork and leadership was praised. The big man was pleased with our work and days like that make me remember why I work like I do for a small part of the fashion world. I could do worse:)

The boss man in the flesh: Tommy Hilfiger and models @ a photo op on Thursday.

Third Eye Blind playing for Tommy appearance in Union Square, DT San Francisco.


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