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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wiped out

This week I went on a business trip. All week I was in panel discussions, product reviews, and tons of little mixers. While it was fun, at some point, I just lost interest. I was jet lagged like you wouldn't believe with hardly a minute to pee or just relax. I understand these things have to be planned and productive, I just sincerely hope someone will cut the West Coast team some slack next year so we don't look like cracked out employees jonesing for their next fix.

On a side note....I got caught up on the flight delay nonsense from Florida back to San Francisco. Please, please, please, shut the hell up on the plane and be cognizant of others sitting next to you. I don't appreciate you elbowing me and shoving your ginormous fake boob into me while you try to look appetizing next to the cute boy in the aisle seat. Hello, you admitted you were 45 and married. And you smelled like GNC powdered vitamins and Charley's cheesey sub sandwiches, which I might add is sooo unappealing and somewhat counterproductive to your goal of snagging the 25 year old man with boyishly good looks.

And to the lovely gentleman on the Atlanta layover, thank you for being so darn nice and friendly. You were indeed a good looking and sweet man. Had I not decided to change into yoga pants, flip flops, and a tee shirt with a baseball cap, you might have actually been somewhat attracted to me since I would have looked human. Whatever the case, there are still some gentlemen out there willing to make someone smile when they are on the verge of a hysterical crying fit after several flight cancellations, 12 hours of sleep the whole week, and PMS. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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